Immune Support Blackcurrant Juice - 250ml Concentrate

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100% raw, cold pressed and cold concentrated, our blackcurrant juice concentrate retains the vitamin C naturally present in our extra-potent New Zealand grown blackcurrants.

Every other blackcurrant concentrate on the market has been concentrated under a vacuum at about 70 degrees, which destroys the vitamin C - any vitamin C in the finished concentrate has been added back in, usually as ascorbic acid (a synthetic version of vitamin C).

The combination of Real Vitamin C with anthocyanin antioxidants (which give blackcurrants their rich purple colour) gives a potent immune support combination.

Medsafe only allows us to share scientific research (which would otherwise be consider a therapeutic claim) with individuals who have asked us for health advice - click here to request our latest summary of available research.


  • 100% raw, cold pressed and cold concentrated, blackcurrant concentrate
  • Contains naturally occurring plant vitamin C 125mg per adult serve


Natural Vitamin C

  • Naturally occurring vitamin C may be more bioavailable than synthetic alternatives such as ascorbic acid
  • Supports production of white blood cells which help protect your body against infection

Anthocyanin Antioxidants

  • Anthocyanins give blackcurrants their rich purple colour
  • Widely recognised as supporting a strong immune system
  • Blackcurrant anthocyanins may have anti-viral and ant-bacterial properties


  • Keep refrigerated 
  • Do not heat
  • Consume within 2-3 weeks of opening
  • Freezing will extend shelf life to 12 months after opening


  • Consume daily when your immune system is challenged
  • Adult and childs serve is 15 mls of concentrate
  • Dilute to taste - usually about one part juice to five parts water
  • Delicious over yoghurt or ice-cream!