Childrens Sleep Support Tart Cherry Juice - 250ml Concentrate

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  • 100% Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate


  • Naturally occurring plant phytomelatonin which support regular sleep patterns for a quality and restorative sleep
  • A natural source of potent antioxidants and anthocyanin antioxidants, which support the immune system 
  • Montmorency Tart Cherries offer support for:
- relaxing into sleep
- returning to sleep when woken
- children who wake frequently
- disrupted sleep patterns when travelling
- healthy energy levels 
  • Sound sleep may help support mental focus
  • Support for sleep and healthy weight management       


  • 100% natural
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colours
  • No colouring agents
  • No preservatives
  • No dairy or nuts
  • Gluten free
  • Low Glycemic Index (GI - 54) suitable for many diabetics
  • Potent antioxidants for immune boost
  • Drip free pourer - no mess
  • HDPE Plastic - does not leach into juice or let light in for maximum protection


  • Keep refrigerated whenever possible
  • Do not heat
  • Consume within 2 months of opening
  • Freezing will extend shelf life to 12 months after opening


  • Consume daily one hour before bedtime
  • Child serving 5 -15mls
  • Consult brochure for serving sizes
  • Dilute to taste
  • Do not heat
  • Concentrate is delicious poured over yoghurt