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Sport Support Flax Seed Oil - 1 Litre

Sport Support Flax Seed Oil - 1 Litre

$44.90 tax incl.


100% cold pressed, unrefined, Extra Virgin Flax Seed Oil



The essential Omega-3 fatty acids in Flax seed Oil are used by your body to nourish and strengthen every part of your body.


Provides support for:

    Oxygen transport into cells

    Energy metabolism for the heart muscle

    Regulation of smooth muscle and autonomic reflexes

    Formation of healthy cell walls

    Hormone synthesis

    Removal of saturated fats

    Steroid production

    Immune response

    Targeting of endocrine hormones

    Regulating nerve transmission



The fatty acids in Flax Seed Oil are essential nutrients, just like vitamins and minerals.


They are the bricks & mortar for building strong lean muscle, as well as building the stamina required for endurance.


Provides support for:

    Your body to perform at its best

    Improved stamina & endurance

    Faster muscle recovery

    Enhanced athletic performance

    Faster recovery time

    Increased energy without increasing body fat



    100% pure and natural

    Cold pressed, with no heat or light

    Grown in Canterbury, New Zealand

    Highest quality seed lines

    High Omega-3 levels (minimum 61%)

    Gluten, dairy, egg and nut free

    No sugar, additives or preservatives

    No colouring agents or artificial colours

    Independent laboratory testing

    Guaranteed free of agricultural residues

    Protective bottle prevents oxidation

    HDPE plastic does not leach into oil

    Also protects from heat and light

    Drip free pourer - no mess!

    Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

    Exceptional freshness

    Extraordinary taste!



    1 TBSP per 50kg of body weight, 2-4 times daily depending on energy demands

    Blend into your daily protein drink

    Use in smoothies, cereals & yoghurt

    Drizzle over pasta, rice, salad, potato, and vegetables

    Do not heat



    Store in a cool dry place

    Refrigerate after opening

    Use within 5 weeks of opening

    Freezing will extend shelf life

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